I'm an applied scientist at AWS AI where I design, engineer, evaluate, and apply advances related to interactive machine intelligence. Before joining AWS, I was a professor in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville's EECS Department and a postdoctoral researcher in the the University of California, Irvine's Informatics Department. During my PhD, I spent several summers with the Next-Generation Productivity group at Microsoft Research and the Emerging Technologies team at Mozilla Research.

I earned my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and hold Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University.


I am broadly interested in facets of interactive machine intelligence, ranging from data collection for model training to user studies of new systems, tools, or techniques. I publish my research at premier venues aligned to human-computer interaction research (e.g., CHI, CSCW, UIST). On occasion, I also write blogs.


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Last Updated: August 2023


I've had the opportunity to mentor, collaborate with, and learn from a collective of exceptional people over the years.

PostdocHostYearsCollaboratorsCurrent Affiliation
Subramanian ChidambaramAmazon2022-Li
Rhema LinderUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2020-2022HenleyLecturer @ UTK
InternRoleSchoolYearCollaboratorsCurrent Affiliation
Zheng ZhangApplied ScientistNotre Dame2023Lease, Li, Li
Amy RechkemmerApplied ScientistPurdue University2022Lease, Li
Ken KingSoftware EngineerVirginia Tech2022Buck, Kalyanaraman
Yinan LangSoftware EngineerSteven's Institute of Technology2022Buck, KalyanaramanSDE @ Amazon
Hanyue ShiSoftware EngineerUW2022Buck, KalyanaramanSDE @ Amazon
Spencer DuSoftware EngineerUCSD2022Bai, BuckSDE @ Amazon
AdviseeTypeSchoolYearCollaboratorsCurrent Affiliation
Senjuti DuttaPhDUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2024Kuzminykh, Linder
Jacob McLemoreMSUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2023Henley, Bernholdt
Matthew RosenbalmUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2024Linder
Samuel BaumannUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2023LinderMS Student @ UTK
Abram BradleyUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2023Linder
Priya PatelUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2023Linder
Joshua MandzakUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2023LinderMS Student @ UTK
Jacob SamarUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2022Mark, Linder
Racheal DylewskiUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2022Linder
Selena XueUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2022LinderSDE @ Amazon
Vishal AielyUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2022LinderSWE @ Meta
Doug LoweUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2022LinderSWE @ Jacobs
Danny ShekouryUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2022LinderSWE @ AllianceBernstein
Gregory CroisdaleUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2021Wallin, BrusuelasPhD Student @ UMich
Timothy PlayerUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2021Wallin, BrusuelasSWE @ Amazon
Rain HaworthUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2021Grover
Chase HunterUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2021Mark, Linder
Jimmy NevilleUGUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville2021MarkSWE @ raft
Yuwen LuUGUniversity of California, Irvine2020MarkPhD Student @ Notre Dame
Zongyao WangUGUniversity of California, Irvine2020MarkMS Student @ UMich
Jarvis XieUGUniversity of Waterloo2020LawMS Student @ UWaterloo


The "archive" contains miscellaneous information from other periods of time (e.g. during my professorship) that may be useful to others.


At the University of Tennessee, I previously taught courses in three key areas of computing: human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Fall 2021
Spring 2021
Fall 2020

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