COSC493/593: Human Computation

Course Time: F @ 2:00-3:00
CRN: 21804, Term: Spring 2021

Instructor: Dr. Alex Williams.
Office Hours: Email the instructor.



This independent study course explores the emergent field of "Human Computation", an interdisciplinary area of computing that engages humans in performing computational activities that cannot be completed by modern computing systems alone. Topics covered will span the range of contemporary issues related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human computation more broadly.

Note: This course meets once weekly on Zoom.


Note: This schedule is subject to change.

1Jan 22Introduction
2Jan 29Lit. Review (Breadth)
3Feb 5Lit. Presentations
4Feb 12Lit. Review (Scoped)
5Feb 19Lit. Presentations
6Feb 26Research Statement
7Mar 5Research Methods
8Mar 12Study Design
9Mar 19Prototype: Design
10Mar 26Prototype: Implement
11Apr 2Prototype: Implement
12Apr 9Prototype: Implement
13Apr 16Prototype: Evaluate
14Apr 23Presentation+Report